About MakingSpace

MakingSpace was established in January 2009 to explore the creative process and to investigate the possibilities for its broader application. The principal idea at the heart of all the workshops is that creativity is an inherent human quality, accessible to all. To explore it in practice and to place it at the heart of our activity offers immeasurable potential for the individual, an organisation and society at large.

MakingSpace came out of discoveries made through applying myself to an artistic practice as a sculptor (see Professional Practice) with a realisation that the core skills employed in the creative process have the potential, if understood and applied, to have a far reaching impact not only for the individual artist but for all.

A further principal for MakingSpace is that real and lasting understanding comes through experience. MakingSpace therefore combines investigation - reading, thinking, observation, looking, with practical art making in order that insights be gained first-hand. It is from first hand experience that the creativity of the artist develops, for creativity comes not from an external authority but by engaging and understanding the resident authority within oneself.

‘Developing Creativity is the premise for making the most of what is learnable but not teachable. It is at the heart of innovation and creating a sustainable society, an antidote to the uniformity produced by globalisation.’
Andrea Salzburg, 2007 Reggio Emilia

MakingSpace is a workshop process for developing creative skills, for researching the intrinsic nature of creativity, for making connections with others and for finding ways to apply the creative process.

I invite you to make space.
Sarah Preece