Developing Creativity

MakingSpace: Creative Enquiry Workshops

Making Thinking Visible - workshops for under fives

Contraptions and Inventions - using scrap materials and electronics for children

Educating the Educator
Using creativity to develop insights into learning with parents and children under five

Organisational Development

The Burren College of Art (BCA)
Applying the creative process towards an evolving organisational change strategy

Creativity, Culture and Education, (CCE), London team
Applying the creative process to team development;
Using the creative process to develop an organisation-wide strategy

Studio Voltaire, London
Creative development of the organisational strategy and business planning with the Board of Trustees

Dach Company, Hamburg
Creative Approaches to Business Development;
Working with a group of psychologists and organisational developers to evolve a business and organisational model for their new company

Battersea Arts Centre, London
Developing a 21st century organisation

What people have said about the workshops and the organisational development work

"Thank you so much for the incredible course, the insights have stayed with me and will really impact my work. I can't stop talking about it!" Ella

'The opportunity to make things, to work with my hands, was fantastic. It’s something I so rarely do, and I loved engaging with the materials in a context where I felt no pressure. It made me access my creativity in a different way to how I normally work, and made me grow in confidence about applying my creativity in new contexts." Annie

"We all thanked Sarah on the day and I think that everyone really meant it. But just to confirm: Sarah was outstanding. The training was incredibly tailored and all our needs clearly taken into account. The delivery was very well paced and engaging." Guilia

"Have had lovely feed back about today already. You hit exactly the right note." Nicola

"I really wanted to thank you so much, they all absolutely loved the workshop. The children both said to me last week that they had used the skills they learned in their art classes at school and that they felt they learned so much from you." Amanda

"The organisation will be indebted to you for a generation." David